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About Torafugu Tech

Who are Torafugu tech?

Torafugu Tech is a technology company, we are on the way to becoming a licensed insurance agency, but not your typical agent. With Torafugu Tech, you answer simple questions online about your lifestyle and health and we use data to replace the traditional medical exam.  If you’re approved, you can buy your life insurance policy instantly. For those with pre-existing medical conditions, we provide support to evidence how your hard work to have better control of your disease can result in a lower monthly premium. Torafugu Tech is a simple way to protect your family’s financial future.

Can I trust buying term life insurance from Torafugu Tech?

Because your policy needs to last for years to come, we  are in the process of partnering with two of the largest and most respected companies in the insurance industry. Every policy offered by Torafugu Tech has A+ rated financial backing. Read more about our fantastic partners in the footnotes.

How do I actually get my policy?

When Torafugu Tech launches, you’ll be the first to know. We’ll send you an email with a link to start your application.

What types of life insurance are available?

Although it can appear confusing at first, broadly speaking there are two main types of life insurance cover:

Level-Term insurance which means your cover is for a particular period of time (5,10,15 years etc.) If something was to happen after this time, then you wouldn’t be covered by the policy.

Decreasing cover insurance which is designed for people whose protection needs will decrease over time. For example, if you are paying off your mortgage, the amount you owe on that mortgage will decrease. So the cover amount you might need in the event of your death, will reduce.

Deciding which is right for you will, of course, depend on your own circumstances.

What is term life insurance?

Life insurance is a protection for your loved ones in case you’re not around to take care of them. Term life insurance provides coverage for a certain time period. So if you have term life insurance and the unthinkable happens during the time of cover, your family will receive a payout to help them through an otherwise difficult time of loss.

Who should think about buying life insurance?

Less than a third of adults with children in the UK have life insurance (just 1 in 5 families). Those with loans, mortgages and financial dependents should consider getting a policy. Although it’s common to get a new policy after a major life event (new baby, moving house), it might be a good idea to buy when you’re young and healthy as the premiums could be cheaper.

If you’re a home owner, your policy isn’t tied to your mortgage, so it’s still worth comparing your options to see if you can save on an existing policy.

Who would be a good fit to buy insurance from Torafugu Tech?

Life insurance is important to have if people in your life depend on you. If you are an E.U. citizen with Type 2 Diabetes, in particular, this could be a great fit!

Can I cancel or get more coverage?

Yes and yes. The policies we offer are billed on a monthly basis, so you can cancel your policy or get more coverage at any time. Keep in mind that getting more coverage may require that you answer a few more questions and be approved, but still no medical exam.

What happens after I sign up?

After you fill out the form on our test product Activian Life ( and click  “Get Early Access” you’ll be redirected to a confirmation page with more information. You’ll also get an email confirming that you’ve been added to the list.