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Torafugu tech is an analytics business focusing on life insurance to increase product personalisation and improve the health and wellbeing of its members. Currently the consumer pays a ‘one size fits all’ premium for their life insurance. With the increasing popularity of wearables, the insurance industry now has new hardware. Apple watches, fitbits, Google fit etc provide time-dependent data, which, analysed correctly, can give insurers better control of total book risk. Using data from wearables, sensors and mobiles our digital health platform utilises state-of-the-art AI analytics, combined with the provision of expert knowledge and behaviour nudges to help members live a healthier, happier and more productive life. Our engine starts working by providing streamlined customer data and AI-based analytics to life insurers to supercharge conversions from price comparison websites. Ultimately, we envision our new engines will be used by a variety of businesses that rely on health information or are involved in health and health-tech that look to harness the power of wearables and more. Our processes allow real-time tracking of complex data and introduce machine learning excellence for use in healthcare.
The problem
What is the problem we are trying to solve and why?
Frustrated by the almost ubiquitous use of google’s page rank algorithm and/or its close derivations, we have set out to change the face of analytics by developing new and innovative algorithms. Ultimately in healthcare, particularly in machine learning processes which will drive adoption of new models of wellness, the reduction of false positives will be essential in broader acceptance of predictiveness. Longer term, we aim to enhance our artificial intelligence platform to predict illness before it becomes symptomatic. Purchasing life insurance is time consuming, onerous and cumbersome. Prospective customers are left frustrated by the long-winded application process. Information is often inaccurate leaving insurers with the headache of identifying a reliable ‘source’ of truth. Personalisation is also increasingly important in life insurance as customers look towards a better experience. Particularly digitally enabled customers who demand more from their financial services providers. Our app-based behaviour nudges and check-up reports can help with personalisation. There is good evidence that in low activity groups, as much as 45% increase in activity can be maintained for at least 3 months. A promising start and our tools can further enhance members health and reduce insurance risk in the long term.
TFT measure changes in behaviour for steps, inactivity periods, calorie intake, expenditure and more. initial analysis for our pilot programmes show promising results. for a low activity group we see 45% of participants increase their overall weekly steps which was maintained for at least 3 months.


Our Engine
real-time tracking of complex data and machine learning excellence for use in healthcare
Our algorithms look to processes, aggregate and sort data in real time providing on-demand processing of multiple streams of data. Ultimately, we envision our new engines will be used by a variety of health-tech business that look to harness the power of wearables and more. Our processes allow real-time tracking of complex data and introducing machine learning excellence for use in healthcare. We aim to process data in the best possible way to drive health outcomes. We look to develop a health dashboard to inform healthcare providers of likely course of action. The processing of relevant health information should build a comprehensive health risks profile that is customised to the individual. With the epigenetic and personalised medicine revolution currently ongoing in healthcare, vast amounts of data will be generated and our platform will allow it to be organised in a smart yet unique way. With the appropriate level of medical support and – in due course – access to medical care, our platform will likely create a new category of wellness. We expect our B2B customers to use our engine to generate a need / sales opportunity for medical / health professionals.
tackling the problem
developing new and innovative algorithms
Machine learning is a subfield of computer science that evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. Machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data. Such algorithms operate by building a model from example inputs in order to make data-driven predictions or decisions, rather than following strictly static program instructions. Machine learning is closely related to computational statistics; a discipline that aims at the design of algorithms for implementing statistical methods on computers. Our CTO is an Astrophysics PhD with experience in data handling, statistics, simulations and signal processing. Excellent analytical, reasoning and technical expertise. Some of the algorithms developed to ensure space telescopes work optimally, will be the starting point of our research to provide better platforms for use in Healthcare. Longer term, by offering better, faster processing of data, we aim to enhance our artificial intelligence platform to predict illness before it becomes symptomatic.

Savvas Neophytou

Co-founder & Chairman

Savvas had previously been one of the original team and ex-CEO of Europe’s largest telemedicine business Now Healthcare Group with >1m users, Savvas is a serial entrepreneur and investor through Deepbridge Capital. Prior to his time as an entrepreneur, he was a corporate financier and ECM banker at JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, Cantor Fitzgerald and Panmure Gordon. Holds B.Sc. Manchester and PhD Nottingham.

Costas Demetroullas

Co-founder & CTO

Costas has a PhD in Astrophysics with unique knowledge of predictive algorithms. First tech start-up, he has a number of publications in his field and leads our data scientist team. PhD Manchester.

Ioannis Ioannou

Chief Operating Officer

Ioannis has had a rich and varied career within the insurance industry, starting at Tillinghast, the actuarial consultancy, and taking up senior roles in both global corporations, such as Swiss Re, and smaller niche players such as Pension Insurance Corporation and Just Retirement. Ioannis’ most recent role was Director of Capital Management at Prudential Plc, responsible for optimising the company’s global capital position and stabilising its balance sheet. Ioannis also has a strong background in public capital markets and investment banking from his time as Director at Lehman Brothers and BNP Paribas.

Manisha Bhatnagar

Co-founder & Medical Director

Still a practicing doctor working within NHS with over 20 year experience, Dr. Manisha Bhatnagar MBChB is a pioneer in the telemedicine space as she had previously been one of the first doctors on the Now Healthcare Group platform Dr Now.

Ben Carter


Ex-CCO of Dr Now and MD of telmenow. Previously Commercial Director at Possum, he launched the world’s first wrist worn epilepsy sensor and an occupancy sensor that reinvented falls prevention growing to £4m revenue.

Rory Wilding

Product Owner

Technology consultant at Admiral, Vodafone, BSKYB, and Virgin Media. Rory is alumni of the Alacrity Foundation worked with Sir Terry Mathews to take software from the hospitality sector into a healthcare vertical.


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